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The links below, and on the left side of this page, will take you to firearm-related articles and information.  In the future, we will update these pages as new information becomes available.

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Concealed Carry Permit Holders Throughout The U.S. (2014)

SAAMI Center Fire Pistol & Revolver Ammunition Manufacturing Standards

SAAMI Center Fire Rifle Sporting Ammunition Manufacturing Standards

A Primer On The Constitutional Right To Keep And Bear Arms

NRA High Power Rifle Rules

Army Gives Definition Of Assault Rifle

Gun Facts

47 Secret Ways To Hide Your Guns & Ammo From Home Invasion And Unconstitutional Gov't Confiscation

Ammunition I.D. By Markings & Color Coding

Ammunition Conversion Tables

FBI:  Handgun Wounding Factors & Effectiveness

Complete Rifle & Pistol Ammunition Comparison Guide

FM21-76 U.S. Army Survival Manual

Heritage Foundation Brief:  Why The U.S. Should Withdraw From The UN's Program Of Action On Small Arms

Historical Development And Subsequent Erosion Of the Right To Bear Arms

The Right Of The People Or The Power Of The State: Bearing Arms, Arming Militias And The 2nd Amendment

The Embarrassing 2nd Amendment

United Nations Sustainable Developement:  Agenda 21

The UN's Agenda 21...Why Is Everyone Talking?

Common Mistakes In Gun Terminology

Rimfire Ammunition Ballistics Table

Article:  America, Never Give Up Your Guns

Assault Weapons

2013 Colorado Hunting & Gun Bill

Small Caliber Lethality-5.56 Performance In Close Quarters Battle

A Basic Firearm Tutorial

GUNS & GUNMAKERS-An Illustrated Guide To Guns, Gunsmiths, Inventors, Patentees, Trademarks & Brand Names

Firearms Terminology

Firearms Glossary

Glossary Of Firearms Related Terms

Basic Firearms Training

Politically Corrected Glossary Of Terms

U.S. Firearms Glossary

Gun Myths

The Fundamentals Of Gun Safety

CCW Handgun Drills

Handgun Standards

Judicious Use Of Deadly Force

Take Responsibility For Your Personal Safety

The Federalist Papers