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Gun Laws Matter:  A Comparison Of State Firearms Laws And Statistics

An Overview Of Lawsuits Against The Gun Industry

2008 Regulating Guns In America:  Evaluation & Comparative Analysis Of State, Federal & Selected Local Gun Laws

Safe Storage Gun Laws:  Accidental Deaths, Suicides & Crime

Updated Assessment Of Fed'l Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts On Gun Markets & Gun Violence 1994-2003

Tough Targets:  When Criminals Face Armed Resistance From Citizens 

Nat'l Institute Of Justice-Guns In America: Nat'l Survey On Private Ownership and Use

The Gold Standard Of Gun Control:  The English Experience

Gun Control & Public Safety:  A Failed Experiment In Canada, England, Australia & Wales

ATF Federal Firearms Regulation Reference Guide 2005

California Assault Weapon Guide

Blueprint For Federal Action On Illegal Guns

Freedom In Peril:  Guarding The 2nd Amendment In The 21st Century

Stop A Bullet, Stop A War:  Why Ammunition Must Be Included In The Arms Trade Treaty

Congressional Research Center:  Gun Control Proposals In The 113th Congress

Congressional Research Center:  Gun Control Legislation

Estimating Civilian Owned Firearms

Bureau Of Justice Statistics:  Guns Used In Crime

Gun Control In England:  The Tarnished Gold Standard

Workplace Gun Law Statutes

UN Briefing Paper:  2012 & Beyond-Advocacy and Action In The UN Small Arms Process

Assault Weapons Ban of 2013

US Dept. Of Energy-The Use Of Bullet Traps & Steel Targets

New Jersey-Armed & Dangerous:  Guns, Gangs & Easy Access To Firearms & Ammunition

Mapping The U.S. Gun Culture

Bipartisan Task Force On Gun Violence

Bureau Of Justice Statistics:  Guns Used In Crimes

Congressional Research:  Costs Of Major US Wars

The Cost Of Using Gun Control To Reduce Homicides

CRS Report For Congress:  Internat'l Small Arms & Light Weapons Transfers-U.S. Policy

Gun Control Jeopardizes Our Constitutional Rights

Guns, Politics & Reason

Small Arms & Light Weapons:  A Call For Research

Standing Armies & Armed Citizens:  A Historic Analysis Of The 2nd Amendment

The Economic Consequences Of War On The US Economy

United Nations Document-Small Arms & Light Weapons Ban

Heritage Foundation Brief:  Why The U.S. Should Withdraw From The UN's Program Of Action On Small Arms

Historical Development And Subsequent Erosion Of the Right To Bear Arms

The Right Of The People Or The Power Of The State: Bearing Arms, Arming Militias And The 2nd Amendment

The Embarrassing 2nd Amendment

United Nations Sustainable Developement:  Agenda 21

The UN's Agenda 21...Why Is Everyone Talking?

Gun Control Brochure:  Thoughts About Proposed Legislation